Our SCUBA & Compressor Room Workshops are well equipped to deal with all forms of servicing required.



We are a full service centre and our technician is qualified to service all makes of SCUBA gear, from MARES, SCUBAPRO, POSEIDON and the other top brands.

We are the only certified SUUNTO service centre in KZN, and you can rest assured that your SCUBA gear will be serviced with only genuine service kits from the relevant supplier.

Turnaround time for gear servicing is 3-6 working days, depending if we need to order spares.



Air fills / Nitrox / Medical Oxygen / Air Rifle

We have a fully functioning Compressor Room that can fill air and nitrox up to 300 bar. Please bring along your dive certification card as proof as we are not allowed to fill dive cylinders for non-divers. (See below for air rifle requirements).

Our compressor does not run constantly, so "while-you-wait" fills are often not possible, especially for 300 bar cylinders. Please note, that while you wait means a "hot fill". There is no time for the newly filled air to cool down and for our guy to "top-up". So even though the cylinder leaves here with 200 or 230 bar (depending on the cylinder capacity), it may cool down to just below that. 300 bar cylinders may drop to as low as 260 bar after cooling down!

Our Compressor Hours are from 10:00 - 11:00 and 14:30 - 15:30.

AIR RIFLE - when using a dive cylinder to fill your air rifle, please bring along your filling connection or rifle as proof. We also recommend we put on an "AIR RIFLE" sticker on the cylinder to make things easier for both parties, moving forward.

OXYGEN - we are able to fill medical oxygen cylinders, not just those used in the dive industry, but for personal use too.


Air fill - R50

Nitrox fill (+/- 32%) - R120

Nitrox fill (36% - 40%) - R150

Oxygen fill (up to 5L) - R225

Oxygen fill (up to 10L) - R275



Visual Inspection - R200 / takes 2-3 working days. Includes Air fill.

What it entails: - checking for rust, pitting, cracks or faults from wear that can affect or contaminate the cylinder. All breathing air & oxygen cylinders require a Visual Inspection. SCUBA & Breathing Air cylinders are yearly, and Oxygen cylinders only every two years. Please also note that should you empty a cylinder completely, it also requires a visual inspection.

Hydrostatic Test - R300  / takes 5-7 working days. Includes the Visual Inspection and an AIR fill.

What it entails: - checking for metal integrity/fatigue. In South Africa, this needs to be done every four years unless you have dropped your cylinder or suspect it has been damaged.

Pillar Valve Service - R150 excluding spares.




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